Sano Postdoc - Project title: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modeling & Simulation

Location Krakow
Employment type Ful-time
Region / State / Province małopolskie
About job:

Sano Postdoc

Project title: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Modeling & Simulation

Publication date: 27.09.2022

Closing date: 27.10.2022

Level of education: PhD

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary indication: up to 14000 PLN gross monthly


Sano: Dr. Ahmed Abdeen Hamed (Clinical Data Science collab between student and postdoc Leader)

Project period: project starts in 2022

After earning a Ph.D., the next step in the academic or research career path is often a postdoc. A postdoc is a continuation of a researcher’s training that enables them to further their professional development and start to transition from student to independent researcher. Postdocs also often take additional leadership or teaching responsibilities in their laboratory or department.

Essential Functions:

  • Problem solve research challenges and model development, as applicable;
  • Contribute discrete components of a larger project under the general direction of a senior or principal researcher
  • Prepare complete documentation of research activities for reference purposes, including following applicable data management protocols;
  • Analyze, interpret, and document research findings for review;
  • Compare actual and expected results and suggest solutions to correct the deviations;
  • Evaluate existing research or modeling techniques and recommend improvements to ensure quality and productivity;
  • Assist in the preparation of proposals and reports;
  • Assist in teaching classes;
  • Develop new features in the Environ library and in its Python refactoring, with a focus on its coupling with other quantum and classical embedding approaches;
  • Apply the developed tools in the fields of materials design for (photo-)electrochemistry, (photo-) electrocatalysis, and interface binding of organic molecules;
  • Provide regular dissemination of the research results through scientific publications and oral presentations in national meetings;
  • Supervision of PhD, masters, and undergraduate students;
  • Contribute to the organization of workshops, hackathons, and tutorials;
  • Collaboration with other national and international developers.
What are you going to do?

You are expected to:

  • do original research under the direction of one of Research Group Leaders;
  • publish your work in peer-review journals and present during national and international conferences;
  • co-mentor junior scientists – PhD students and MSc students.
What do we require?

Required background and skills of the candidate:

  • recent or pending PhD in relevant field, preferably computer science/mathematics/engineering;
  • strong programming in Python, MATLAB, R, Julia, or C/C++;
  • excellent teamwork and communication skills;
  • scientific writing skills demonstrated through peer-reviewed publications;
  • ability to acquire accurate, reproducible data;
  • critical eye towards consistency, reproducibility, and the scientific method in general;
  • excellent project and time management skills;
  • strong interpersonal skills and mentoring skills;
  • advocate for safety and ethics in the workplace;
  • at least one first-author research publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, top conference or currently in press;
  • excellent written and oral English communication skills.
Our offer

We offer a fixed term contract for 40 hours per week. This will be supported by an educational plan that includes attendance of courses and (international) meetings. The contract will include opportunities to participate in teaching and supervision of undergraduate and master students.

The salary, depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract, will be up to 14000 PLN gross per month, based on a full-time contract (40 hours a week) for the duration of 2 years with private medical care and a sports card.

Sano offers excellent opportunities for study and development, an access to many international conferences on computational medicine and a possibility to grow in a scientific society.

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