Sano Postdoc Project title: Strengthening patient and physician confidence in artificial intelligence diagnoses and recommendations

Employment type Full-time
About job:

Sano Postdoc

Project title: Strengthening patient and physician confidence in artificial intelligence diagnoses and recommendations

Publication date: 1.12.2022

Closing date: 15.12.2022

Level of education: PhD

Hours: 40 hours per week

Salary indication: up to 14000 PLN gross monthly


Sano: Dr. Przemysław Korzeniowski (Health Informatics Team Leader)

Project period: 1 - 2 years

A Post-doctoral project in the field of the human-computer interaction is focused on trust in Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in healthcare. The project aims to experimentally verify whether physicians are willing to collaborate with the AI system on a diagnosis and to discover factors increasing physicians' trust in AI. The second goal is to develop such virtual settings in which patients' well-being is flourish during the AI diagnosis process. 

What are you going to do?

You are expected to:

  • do original research under the direction of one of Research Group Leaders;
  • publish your work in peer-review journals and present during national and international conferences;
  • apply for grants for further research
  • co-mentor junior scientists – PhD students and MSc students.
What do we require?

Required background and skills of the candidate:

  • recent PhD in relevant field of science (psychology), no more than 5 years of experience since obtaining the PhD;
  • at least one first-author research publication in a peer-reviewed scientific journal, top conference or currently in press ideally in the field of virtual reality or cyberpsychology;
  • experience in conducting experimental research with human participation;
  • expertise in psychophysiological measurement, especially EDA, ECG, and EMG; 
  • knowledge in user experience field, ideally in the subfield of virtual reality and/or robotics;
  • strong statistical skills with the knowledge of data science tools – such as Python or R. 
Our offer:

We offer a fixed term contract for 40 hours per week for the duration of up to 2 years. This will be supported by an educational plan that includes attendance of courses and (international) meetings. The contract will include opportunities to participate in teaching and supervision of undergraduate and master students.

The salary, depending on relevant experience before the beginning of the employment contract, will be up to 14000 PLN gross per month, based on a full-time contract (40 hours a week) for the duration of 2 years with private medical care and a sports card.

Sano offers excellent opportunities for study and development, an access to many international conferences on computational medicine and a possibility to grow in a scientific society.

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